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How it works

Valais Wealth Management will help you to design your Life Plan.

We’ll help to determine the targets and goals that you will need to set in order to begin working toward your financial goals and objectives.

We start this process off by following 4 simple steps.

Start your journey


A no obligation initial chat by phone, video conference or in person. Discuss the basic details of why you are looking for financial advice. If it’s a good fit for you and us, a meeting will be arranged with an Advisor.


During this meeting, we will discuss your financial information in extensive detail; we’ll help define your objectives and assist with determining your goals to develop a plan to work towards them. We’ll help understand your dreams and aspirations, gather data, and find what we believe is a solution for you.


A presentation of your Financial Plan will take place at this third meeting. Your Advisor will run through in detail the strategy to match your objectives and define what will be required to work toward the goals and targets you have. This will help ensure that all aspects are clear and fully understood. If you are happy to take this next step on your journey, we’ll then help to complete all the necessary administration required.


When you become a client of Valais Wealth Management (VWM), this is just the beginning of our journey together. At this stage, we will schedule reviews at a frequency comfortable for you (and at least annually), which will continue for as long as you choose, for us to help guide you in navigating your Life Plan. The reviews give you an opportunity to discuss any changes in your personal circumstances so that we can regularly adapt your Life Plan strategy as and when you need.