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Unlock the Potential of your UK Pension

Work towards securing your future and help ensure you’re making the most of your contributions.

Your pension is more than just a savings pot for the future;

it has the potential to offer you a comfortable, worry-free retirement.

At Valais Wealth Management, we’re committed to helping you strive to optimize your UK pension.

Evolving Financial Landscape

As markets change, so do opportunities and risks. Regular reviews offer the possibility to better strategize your portfolio.

Tailored Analysis

No two individuals have the same financial journey. Our pension analysis is crafted to suit your unique needs and aspirations.

Unbiased Recommendations

We pride ourselves on offering transparent, unbiased feedback, ensuring your financial growth remains central to our strategy.

Work towards securing a Brighter Retirement Future

Living in the US can make it challenging to know what UK pension options you have and what can possibly meet your retirement needs. We can help.

Whether or not a UK pension transfer is right for you will depend on many factors, starting with the type of UK pension(s) you have.

We believe it is important to first review your existing UK Pension(s), understand your personal circumstances and confirm your retirement goals before deciding whether a pension transfer into a new UK personal pension could be beneficial.

In certain cases, a UK pension transfer might not be the right answer. As part of our review, we will let you know.

Understanding your Objectives

As you are unable to “roll-over” your UK pension into your US retirement account, we always advise clients to view their UK pension as simply an extra pension pot that can still be an integral part of their overall US retirement strategy.

A UK pension can, in the right type of pension structure, be very flexible and work cohesively with your US retirement assets. It is, however, important to understand your retirement objectives so that your UK pension can be managed in line with those objectives. Example objectives include the ability for you to:

  • Access your UK pension from age 55 to act as a bridge until you wish to access your US retirement account or US Social Security,
  • Access a greater range of investment options,
  • Invest and draw your UK pension in USD to eliminate future exchange rate risks, or
  • Pass on your pension to your loved ones or nominated beneficiaries when you pass away.